What I Learned About God from My Daughter (Who Has Autism) Point #6

This week I’ve mentioned 5 items on my husband’s list of “7 Things I Learned About God from My Daughter (Who Has Autism).” They are:

  1. God’s heart grieves when His children don’t respond to His voice.
  2. Change requires intervention.
  3. God rejoices when we finally do respond to Him.
  4. We should desire God’s embrace.
  5. There is no substitute for Daddy.

Today I’m adding the sixth item on the list:

#6: Sometimes we push God away.

I already mentioned that Hannah is a daddy’s girl. If given the choice, she likes for her daddy to tuck her in bed at night. When Scott tucks Hannah in bed, she wants him to snuggle with her.  Then, when she is ready to go to sleep, she simply pushes him away. That’s her way of saying, “That’s enough. Now I’m ready to go to sleep.”

This is the way we sometimes respond to God.  Many times, we start out responding well to God.  We are listening to Him and obeying Him.  Then, for one reason or another, we begin feeling challenged or crowded and decide we’ve had enough, so we push God away.

God desires that we stay close to Him.  He wants us to stay in a relationship with Him and stay close to Him.  He doesn’t want us to push Him away.

Sometimes we treat God like He’s only “necessary” when we’re having trouble or dealing with a difficult situation. We stay close to Him when we “need” Him and push Him away when it’s not convenient to stay close to Him any longer.

Like Hannah pushes her dad away when she’s ready to go to sleep, we push God away when we don’t want Him in our business any more.

But there’s good news ahead! Be sure to come back tomorrow to read the final post in this series.

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