What I Learned About God from My Daughter (Who Has Autism) Point #3

It’s so good to know that God truly can take any circumstance and use it for good. That doesn’t mean we’ll always like what happens or that we wouldn’t change our circumstances if given the chance. The truth is that, if I had a choice, I would choose for my daughter who has autism to be healthy. Yet, since I don’t have that option, I choose to trust that God knows what He’s doing and that He’s using even this hard circumstance for good.

In my two previous posts, I discussed these two points:

#1: God’s heart grieves when His children don’t respond to His voice.

#2: Change requires intervention.

Today, I’ll share the third point:

#3: God rejoices when we finally do respond to Him.

My husband and I know what it’s like to look into Hannah’s eyes or speak to her and get no response. It hurts our hearts. It makes us long for her to be able to speak to us. To get across to us in some way what she feels and wants and needs.

God must feel the same way when He gets no response from us. I simply cannot imagine how it must feel to sacrifice literally everything for someone else and then for that person to show no response at all.

Yes I also cannot imagine how great is God’s rejoicing when He calls the name of one of His children and we respond to Him! And what’s even better is that, not only does our responding to Him cause God to rejoice, but we are benefitting from it as well. Because God only wants what’s best for us, it makes sense that when we respond to Him, we remain in God’s will and receive His best for us! Wow! That’s quite a reward for obedience!

Quite a few years have gone by since my husband shared the sermon from which this series of posts is taken. Though our daughter is 20 years old now, she is still completely non-verbal. But just a few weeks ago, we received an augmentative communication device for Hannah to use to “talk” for her! (We simplify things and just call it her “talker.”)

Today, for the very first time ever, Hannah voluntarily told her younger sister, Mary Grace, that she loves her! Never before has Hannah had a way to express in words her love for another family member. We were overjoyed when Hannah chose the category (feelings) and then, of about 20 choices, chose to say “I love you,” to her sister!

Hearing Hannah’s statement and seeing the happiness on her face when she heard her own “voice” gave us a glimpse of what it must be like for God to finally hear one of His children express love for Him. It was a moment we will always remember!

Thank you for reading (and sharing!) this post! It is my prayer that it is a blessing to you. Tomorrow I will continue with point #4 in this series.


  1. Erin

    Ahhhh! Your posts bring tears to my eyes. That’s so sweet that she was able to tell her sister she loves her. Modern technology can be a curse at times, but this is one case where it’s quite a blessing! XOXO, Erin

    • Wendy

      I agree, Erin! That was a very sweet moment that my younger daughter and I (and Hannah too–I’m sure!) will always remember! Thank you for your comment!


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