Thoughts on a Bad Day

It’s been a bad day. It started off when I woke up this morning with a slightly sore throat after a night of bad dreams feeling like I hand’t slept much at all. Next, my 11-year-old informed me that she felt awful. I took her temperature, and it was 101.6. She was also coughing, lethargic, and just feeling pretty crummy in general.

I considered taking her to the doctor’s office right away, but I decided to wait a few hours to see if she got better. (I was hoping that her fever was high only because she’d been snuggled up under a bunch of covers overnight and that she would feel better after being up for a little while. I know…wishful thinking. But you can’t blame a girl for wishing, right?) Anyway, a few hours later I finally admitted to myself that the fever wasn’t getting any lower and that my daughter wasn’t feeling any better. She had been lying still on the couch for several hours. Totally not like her. She hadn’t irritated her brother, asked for junk food, made a mess of any kind, or any of the things she usually specializes in. I had to admit it. She was definitely sick.

I called the doctor’s office, and they said they could see her  in 45 minutes! I hadn’t expected that. I flew around trying to get myself ready (’cause I don’t put on makeup and get all dressed in “going somewhere” clothes unless I’m actually going somewhere) and to get her ready and out the door fast enough that we could get there on time. Because you know I would never speed to get there on time. (Honest, Mom! I would never ever do that!)

So hooray for us! We made it out the door with plenty of time to get there without having to drive too fast. I was so happy that one thing had gone right for me today! Then, less than a quarter of a mile down the road, I began hearing the familiar “helicopter” sound that results from a blown tire. No kidding. So much for getting to the appointment on time.

Thankfully, a friend of mine was just about to head to town, and she was able to run by, pick us up, and take us to the doctor’s office. Crisis averted! (What would I do without my wonderful friends?!) Then I called my sweet hubby to ask if he could pleeeeeeease leave work early to pick us up after the appointment.

The nurse came in and swabbed Mary Grace for strep and the flu. After waiting what seemed like an hour for the results, it came back positive for the flu. I immediately felt like I deserved the “Mom of the Year” award for making my sick little girl wait half the day to see the doctor when the poor little one had the flu! The truth is that there’s really not much they can do to treat the flu, but it still made me feel awful. (Why do we moms guilt ourselves like that?!)

When we got back in the waiting room, my hubby was there waiting for us.  (Thank you, Sweetie!) Then he took us home, went back to town to get my tire fixed and put back on my van, picked up Mary Grace’s cough medicine, quickly cleaned up the kitchen (Yep, he’s definitely a keeper!!), warmed up leftovers for dinner, changed clothes, and headed out the door to teach a class at church tonight. Poor guy hardly had time to take a breath all afternoon and evening!

And you know what I learned from my crummy, nothing-went-as-planned, one-bad-thing-after-another, your-little-one-has-the-flu day? I learned that I am so. very. blessed. My wonderful friend was able and happy to take us to the doctor’s office so that we weren’t even late for the appointment. My sweet hubby was happy and able to pick us up from the doctor’s office and take us home. Then he took care of the tire and picking up the medicine and even cleaned the kitchen because he knew I was exhausted and didn’t feel like doing it. All that even though he was still obligated to teach the class at church tonight.

I was also reminded how wonderful it is and how glad I am that I can be home with my children. This evening, I spent several hours snuggling on the couch with Mary Grace because she felt so crummy and just wanted to snuggle with me. I was able to just be there with her. And I don’t have to worry about missing work tomorrow or finding a sitter for my sick girl. I don’t have to worry about how many days of school she’ll miss because, as a homeschooling family, it’s pretty easy to make up work when necessary.

Was today a great day? Nope. Days like this one aren’t fun or easy. They’re tiring, no fun, crummy. But days like this also remind me how wonderfully blessed I am and what a super terrific family I have. So while I’m very thankful that, as I write these words, the day is drawing to a close, I’m also thankful for this day. I find that I don’t truly appreciate the good days without a few bad ones thrown in there. This is life.

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