The Problem with Making Comparisons

I have a problem with making comparisons. Sometimes making comparisons can be a good thing, like when one is comparing prices when shopping in order to get the best deal. There are other times when it’s a very bad thing! For example, it’s a bad idea to compare your...

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Ways to Show Your Teens That You Like Them

“Mom, why don’t you love me just like I am? Why do you want me to be someone I’m not?!” These words were recently spoken by my son. How on earth had I given this child whom I love more than life the idea that I don’t love him just as he is? And how could I show him...

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Thoughts on a Bad Day

It’s been a bad day. It started off when I woke up this morning with a slightly sore throat after a night of bad dreams feeling like I hand’t slept much at all. Next, my 11-year-old informed me that she felt awful. I took her temperature, and it was 101.6....

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About Me

Hello! I’m Wendy. I’m a Christian, homeschooling, work-from-home wife and mom. I tend to blog about the things that I experience or learn that I hope will encourage or help others out there. I also spend time reviewing products that relate to our journey of homeschooling with special needs. You can find our more about me here.

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