Joyce Herzog’s Choosing and Using Curriculum: A Review

This time of year is really fun for me! I love choosing curriculum for the next school year! Having homeschooled for 16 years, it’s easier than it used to be for me to look at a particular curriculum and know pretty well how it will work for my children. I love looking through new-to-me curriculums and getting ideas for things I might want to try.

As part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received a set of books called Choosing and Using Curriculum from Joyce Herzog to use and review. The books come in a set, and they cost $15. Mrs. Herzog has a doctorate degree as well as 25 years experience working with special needs children and 30 years working with homeschoolers, so she knows a lot about choosing and using curriculum!

The first book in the set is a physical book. This book has great information for homeschooling moms to read and consider as they plan curriculum. Mrs. Herzog calls it the “nuts and bolts” book of homeschooling. It basically contains information that helps homeschoolers pinpoint their teaching/learning style(s), gives information/comparisons for a few different curriculums for different subject areas, has ideas for keeping spending reasonable, gives information about keeping up with your student’s (or students’) progress, has information about testing, and lots more! It even has information about adapting materials for use with children who have various special needs or learning differences.

The second book in the set is an ebook. The ebook contains information that has not already been given in the physical book. It is full of links to different websites. These websites are resources that the parent/teacher can use with almost any child. There are websites for general curriculum and information as well as for special needs curriculum and information. Since I have a severely autistic daughter, I love the fact that so many resources for special needs children are included!

Even as someone who has homeschooled for many years, I enjoyed these books and got lots of new and useful information from them. If you are a new homeschooling family, then I definitely think you could benefit from this set!

The only real problem I had with this set is the fact that it contained typos and some formatting problems. The information contained is very useful and is written in an entertaining way, but the typos and formatting errors make it “feel” less professional. However, I wouldn’t let that keep me from using the great information in the set!

If you’d like to read more reviews of this set or some of Joyce Herzog’s other resources, just click this link!


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