How to Love Your Husband While Bringing Up Special Needs Kids

Since February is the month that we think about Valentine’s Day and love, I thought it would be a great time to begin a discussion about helping your marriage thrive while bringing up special needs kids. Being a parent of a special needs child adds an extra challenge to what is already a difficult job! I know that, at least in the case of autistic children like my daughter, these children often take years to potty train, may be non-verbal, may not be able to feed or bathe or dress themselves even as teenagers and adults, and may not sleep well. It can be kind of like having a baby or toddler for a lifetime instead of a few years. Most parents eventually reach the years during which their children are more independent, but for the parents of special needs kids, that day may never come.

Having a happy marriage, though, IS possible!

I wrote this article for another site called The Busy Mom. If you’d like to read this entire article, just click here.

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