Christmas Maestro

Kids are so creative!  It’s so much fun watching and listening to them play–especially when they don’t know I’m there.  (I wouldn’t call it spying exactly.  It’s just “surreptitious observation.”)  A few days ago, I found that my 9-year-old had rearranged my nativity scene.  Not only had she rearranged everything, but she also combined two different nativities–one more delicate one that I use just to look at and another plastic one that is for playing with.  Not only that, but she added a character from one of the old Christmas television shows and had him set up as a maestro leading the nativity choir! 
You can see the little maestro there (from behind) leading the choir with his little baton.  Below you can see a close-up view of him from the front.  Isn’t he one of the little guys from the island of misfit toys or something like that?  Or maybe he’s one of Santa’s elves.   
And here you can see the choir a little bit closer up.  Notice the reindeer (I think that’s Rudolph, but I can’t tell for sure if his nose is red or not.) on top of the stable!  

While my nativity scene is a bit unusual, I think it’s definitely beautiful!  It reminds me not only of the birth of Jesus but also of the imagination and creativity that He gives our children. 
I pray that you and your family have had a blessed Christmas this year! 


  1. MyStory of HiStory

    I loooove it 🙂 So sweet. Fun post. Thanks for sharing.


    Yes he is from the island of misfit toys, I always get the song those little toys sing stuck in my head at some point over the holidays, don’t know why it’s actually kinda sad. Oh no, here we go again! Hope you had a lovely Christmas, see you next year Wendy:)


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