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Hello! I’m Wendy. I’m a Christian, homeschooling, work-from-home wife and mom. This is my own little just-for-fun blog, started in 2010, in which IWendy-Jan-2016-Profile-Pic-Large-Square[1] share information about my family’s homeschooling journey and our lives in general. Sometimes you’ll find reviews of products or books. You may find information about deals or coupons that will help you save money. You might find information you can use in your own homeschool. I tend to blog about all sorts of things that I think other homeschooling moms might enjoy and benefit from reading. I try to be honest, encouraging, and supportive. If you happen to be visiting from Hip Homeschool Moms to learn a little more about me and to get to know my family and me a little better, I’m so glad you stopped by! Whatever your reason for being here, I’m so glad to have you!

Besides my own little blog, I am co-owner of the Hip Homeschool Moms website, and I would love for you to visit me there! At HHM, I schedule and edit the team members’ posts and guest posts as well as help out with marketing and social media. I am blessed to work with the other two co-owners of the site as well as a fantastic team of writers! You will find lots of practical and useful homeschool information there along with lots of encouragement and a great community of homeschooling moms. 

My husband, Scott, and I have been married for 25 years, and we have 3 children. Our oldest, Hannah, is 20 years old and is severely autistic. Our son, Noah, is 19 years old and has ADHD and ASD. Our youngest, Mary Grace, is 13 and is a bouncy, energetic teenager and social butterfly. I’ve homeschooled them since Hannah was 2 years old. Homeschooling has definitely been quite a roller-coaster ride, but it has also been a huge blessing to my family! I truly believe that homeschooling is a wonderful option for many families–especially those with special needs children. 

If you’d like to get in touch with me, please email me at wendy@hiphomeschoolmoms.com. Sometimes I get behind on emails, so if you don’t get a response, you can message me on the Hip Homeschool Moms Facebook page by private message. Just be sure to address it to me by name so the team members will call it to my attention if I don’t see it.

Again, thanks for visiting! I’m glad to have you, and I hope you’ll come back often!

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