Summer Fun at Michael’s Craft Stores


Did you know that Michael's Craft Stores have summer activities for kids? We recently went with friends to a local Michael's store to participate. It turned out to be lots of fun! We'll definitely be going again! The classes are held from June 16-August 1 this year. There are several classes offered … [Continue reading]

Used Curriculum Sale!

Used Curriculum Sale Featured Image

If you're looking for good used curriculum, please take a look at the used curriculum that I'm selling. You can also take a look at other sites (listed under this image) that are participating in this used curriculum sale. I hope you find just what you need at a great price! These are the sites … [Continue reading]

An Unexpected Path: Homeschooling a Child with Autism

An Unexpected Path Homeschooling a Child with Autism

The very beginning of my homeschooling experience was probably a bit different than that of most families.  In order to explain, let me introduce you … [Continue reading]

Thoughts on a Bad Day

Rainy Season, Vector Illustration.

It's been a bad day. It started off when I woke up this morning with a slightly sore throat after a night of bad dreams feeling like I hand't slept … [Continue reading]

If I Were Locked in WalMart Over Night

Key In Security Lock Showing Safeguard Or Protection

Mary Grace wrote a post today for a Middle and High School LinkUp that she's going to start participating in. You'll find the button for the LinkUp at … [Continue reading]

Special Needs Children Call for Difficult Decisions

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Having a special needs child can be a huge blessing, but it also causes the family, especially the parents, to have to make some very difficult … [Continue reading]

What’s the Big Deal About Gender Differences?

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This morning I was looking at the news headlines on my phone. I noticed an article about a Halloween costume for girls. It's a Spider Girl costume, … [Continue reading]

Getting Healthy by Choosing Healthy Eating Habits

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Before you run and hide from a post about forming healthy eating habits, let me encourage you to stick around and read it. :) You'll be glad you did! … [Continue reading]

Our Homeschool Spaces and Places

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Some folks like to homeschool in certain rooms. They have beautiful rooms that they've fixed up just for homeschooling, and they have tables and … [Continue reading]

Why You Should Homeschool Your Special Needs Child

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As the mom of a severely autistic child, I know how frightening it can be to think about homeschooling a special needs child. After all, it's … [Continue reading]